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Come in for an individual session or join a group. Try one of our workshops or retreats. Another option is to bring your whole crew out for a day of fun and team building.

All are welcome here!!!

Gestalt Sessions

Through Gestalt you will gain awareness of yourself and your patterns. I provide a safe and confidential space for self- exploration and healing. There is no issue too small or too large to examine. Each session will come about organically, creatively and unique to you and what you are ready to release. This is NOT traditional counseling or psychotherapy. It IS a collaborative experiential letting go of the mental, emotional and physical pain you have carried around for far too long. Sometimes it comes out in one session and sometimes it comes out in layers, each layer requiring its own session. Only YOU will know when you are complete. It can take time to discover who you are. Discover your core values, develop healthy boundaries and rituals, as well as create personal goals and a vision for your future.
Crooked Tree Journeys I'm sorry, but i can't provide a description without an image to reference. if you can upload an image, i'd be glad to help with a caption. Equine Gestalt Coaching

Individual Gestalt Coaching Session (with or without horses)

Crooked Tree Journeys I'm sorry, but i can't provide a description without an image to reference. if you can upload an image, i'd be glad to help with a caption. Equine Gestalt Coaching

Gestalt Groups (with or without horses)

Video or phone coaching sessions

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Gestalt Workshops and Retreats

Come for a more in depth and enriching experience with other likeminded individuals. Join us for one of our one day workshops or our multi-day retreats –  check our social media for details
Crooked Tree Journeys A group of people in chairs in a barn, practicing Gestalt coaching. Equine Gestalt Coaching

Equine Facilitated Group Workshops

Let’s plan a CUSTOMIZED Equine Facilitated Workshop for your special group, club, organization, company, corporate team or your own immediate family!

Discover a different way to team build! Treat Yourself and Your Team to a fun and unique program of equine experiences (all from the ground, no riding), specifically tailored for your group. Where you will learn to move into the present moment, opening your awareness to yourself, your team and to the world around us.

Consider This For:

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Learn more about your family dynamics, individual preferences and your communication styles. Each family member will interact with more self awareness and compassion toward one another.

Join one of our group workshops! With other likeminded people learn to be in the present moment, discover more awareness of yourself and others, set goals and intentions for your life.

Clarify your team goals, assign tasks more effectively, improve communication, and develop a better understanding of leadership. All experiences are customized to your company goals and desired outcomes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here in Texas the weather is constantly changing. Please wear layers, sunscreen, a hat, and CLOSED toed shoes (preferably boots, hiking shoes or tennis shoes). In cooler weather plan on a coat and gloves. During inclement weather we can conduct your session inside.

No, traditional psychotherapy or talk therapy can include a diagnosis and a care plan. With the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, we meet you where you are in the moment. There is no plan, you, your body and/or our horse partner guide the session.

We do understand that life happens and cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. While we do our best to accommodate emergencies, we do require a 48 hour cancellation for all coaching appointments. Cancellations 72 hours or greater will be rescheduled at our earliest availability. Cancellations within 48 hours prior to your scheduled session are subject to forfeiture of the entire session fee and do not guarantee a rescheduled session. No shows will result in forfeiture of the entire session fee.

For retreats and workshops there is a 30-day cancellation is required. Cancellations outside of 30-days we will reschedule or refund your fee, less $100 administrative fee. Cancellations within 30-days, we will make every attempt to reschedule your group and fill your spot. If we cannot replace your spot no refund will be issued.

If a session, workshop or event is cancelled by Crooked Tree Journeys we will apply your payment to a future date or fully refund fee.

No horse experience is required. Interaction with our horses enhances the experience, but is not required. Modifications can be offered until you are feeling more comfortable. Safety is paramount here at our facility and we conduct a safety demonstration at the beginning of each session. Reminder all of our work is on the ground, there is no riding during our sessions.

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