Transformational Coaching with Horses

Life is happening in the present moment. Ask yourself, how much space is
being taken up with your past? Is the unfinished business of old hurts,
traumas, and regrets holding you back? With the Equine Gestalt Coaching
Method®, my Equine Partners and I will help you to see where there is
imbalance, limiting beliefs or unfinished business. We will then help you let it go and make room for your authentic self to shine through! Healing your life takes courage and dedication. We are here to help you re-member and re-claim your truest self.

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“Healing is your right, your responsibility and the risk you can’t afford not to take.”
– Thaiia Senquetta

What is it?

What is Gestalt and why live this way?

Gestalt inspires you to become more aware of yourself in the moment. Through the process you will discover more peace and joy in your life. The fundamental principle of Gestalt is a person is made of many parts and those parts are moving into greater wholeness. Progressing toward greater self-awareness by removing self- limiting beliefs, unhelpful strategies, releasing past hurts and healing from any trauma you may have suffered. Gestalt is about living life in the present moment, having self-care rituals and learning to respond to your life (not react to it). Yes, it is about stopping to smell the flowers, while taking responsibility for yourself in a whole new way.

Gestalt Coaching is for you:

Whether any of these apply to you or not, Gestalt can help increase self-awareness!

Transform Your Life

Equine Gestalt Coaching

Individual Sessions

Through Gestalt you will gain awareness of yourself and your patterns. I provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore what is coming up for you in the moment. There is no issue too small or too large to examine. Each session will come about organically, creatively and unique to you and what you are ready to release.

Group Sessions

All weekly groups are confidential, safe, supportive spaces to do your personal work. They have up to 8 people and will last two – three hours each. This is an affordable option for those curious about a session.


Join us for one of our ½ day or full day workshops. Typically, these sessions will have a theme or subject that we will explore together. This will be a more in depth and enriching experience with other likeminded individuals.

Transform your life, work with me and my horses

Crooked Tree Journeys A woman kissing a horse in front of a tree. Equine Gestalt Coaching

You Are Not Alone
As the wife of a career firefighter, I understand the internal conflict of giving my full support to my spouse’s mission, with the desire to live life with more balance. While the life of a service family does come with the pride and prestige of serving our community, it can be lonely. I uniquely understand the loneliness and overwhelm of getting it ALL done while they are away from home. As well as the disruption, inconvenience and disappointment of last minute changes to family plans. It can be challenging. 

I am dedicated to helping you find a way to create balance and joy in your own life, as well as your families’ lives. Part of it is about letting go of expectations and healing old hurts. The other part is about developing healthy rituals and personal goals of your own, that help you to feel more fulfilled and grounded. Join me for an individual, a couple or a family session to help strengthen your relationships and create more
balance in your life.

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Your Healing Journey Continues Here

Go beyond traditional talk therapy! If you are looking for support through a challenging situation or ready to move in a whole new direction with your life, we are here to work with you as you move toward wholeness and achieving your goals.

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